If you are looking to refinance your mortgage you have come to the right place. Refinancing your mortgage is a great way to get the extra funds you need. Over the last few years house prices have consistently increased. So, if you have owned your home in the GTA for a couple of years now, refinancing may definitely be a good option for you.

Here are several times when refinancing your mortgage may be a good option;

To Pay Off Higher Interest Debts
Of course refinancing your mortgage will allow you to take advantage of the current lower rates. Yes, refinancing your mortgage before your term is up will cost you a penalty. But we can take a look at the numbers for you and determine whether it is a good time to refinance. Often times refinancing will save you thousands in interest regardless of the cost to break your current mortgage.

To Do Renovations
Home renovations can allow you to have the dream home you desire while also increasing your resale value should you choose to sell your home one day.

To pay off higher interest debts
Refinancing a mortgage is good way to access money at a lower rate. These funds can then be used to pay off debts that are at a higher rate, such as credit cards. Again you could save hundreds or thousands in interest. You can then use the money you were able to free up to pay back down on your mortgage.

Change In Marital Status
If there is a break down in a marriage one spouse may need to pay out the other. This can help to keep the family their home. Sometimes we are not prepared to pay out half of our equity from savings. Refinancing your home may be the way how.

Business Investments
Investing in ourselves and our own ideas is not always easy. The equity from your home can be a great way to allow you to invest in yourself.
Tuition Costs